Generic Daklinza


Daclatasvir tablet
What does this medication do?
A main purpose of admission of this item is the HCV prevention, which is also referred to as hepatitis C.
There is, among others, the disease type 3, which is to be treated by this medication. Using this tablet is recommended for adult patients who have problems with liver health, including cirrhosis. Also, this drug can be admitted separately or combined with other tablets (sofosbuvir).
In addition to this reason, the drug can be used for other purposes (other treatment, set by the doctor).

Always keep an eye on the number of tablets taken and their compatibility with each other. If the medication is adopted together with tablets, not suitable for it, this negligence may be the reason for unpleasant by-effects. In the case of already admitting any medication, we strongly recommend to inform a pharmacist and discontinue simultaneous use of these medications.

Data worth mentioning
Always handle carefully to an allergy to the product or any of its components. As mentioned above, always watch out for drugs you take along with this item. Exceptions may be even for well-known products, like sofosbuvir. Consultation with a physician is required.

The data for the pharmacist
In case of taking other pills that we have indicated in the list, there is a need for something to be changed in the whole plan of treatment.
Even without taking any extra pills or medications, you should consult a doctor for making sure how the pills effect your organism. Ask in case of having any of these problems:

  • any liver disease;
  • heart disease;
  • the use of amiodarone;
  • availability of transplanted body organ.

Unknown response of the medication to the child’s body, including the body of a child in the womb. Be sure to include those into the reasons for urgent consultations for pregnancy.
Science does not know whether the drug can penetrate into breast milk and whether the cause of the disease will be, so lactation is also a cause for discussion while admission.
Mandatory cause for use of the drug is the age of majority (18).

Admission rules

  • The average duration of administration of the drug is 12 weeks or 3 months. It is imperative to follow the instructions for use, as well as strict adherence to dosage.
  • Be sure to mix with sofosbuvir, taking only one drug is not desirable.
  • The drug can be consumed both before and after a meal.
  • Drugs set can be applied for more effective treatment. Each of the medications should be taken according to the doctor’s prescriptions only. Be sure to study all instructions so as brochures, as well as try to ask questions before beginning the treatment with the drug.
  • You should not stop the treatment with no consulting with the doctor; also do not change the dosage of the drug. Try to remain permanently under the supervision of a specialist.
  • Be sure to monitor the condition of your liver state throughout the entire course of treatment.
  • Avoid uncomfortable for the body conditions such as excessive heat or moisture.

Mode disturbances danger
You should not pass the drug’s admission on schedule, but if it happens, be sure to drink a pill right after the moment you remember not taking it in time, or when you will have such an opportunity at the closest time. WARNING: do not double the dose simultaneously if the time came for the next dose, skip the previous one, which you have forgotten, as this doubling is dangerous for your life!

Risk of overdose
In this case, you should contact the medical service for poisoning, by telephone number (1 800) 2221222.

Despite the active effect of the drug, it is not a drug for the prevention of the spread of disease. Be sure to follow the use of personal care products, as well as securing yourself and your partner during sex. Ask questions your doctor about the possibility of infection of the sexual partner. Never use the same medical syringes and needles with another patient.

Side effects
Watch for signs of allergy: this can be a rash, trouble breathing, sweating, and other unpleasant sensations.
In the case of active receiving the two drugs at once, watch as the intake of medications to stabilize heart rhythm. Be sure to tell the counselor about the presence of the following symptoms:

  • violation of the heartbeat;
  • pain in the chest;
  • headedness.

In case of any side effects, tell your doctor. These include:

  • problems with mental activity and memory;
  • chills;
  • feeling of weakness.

Among side effects can be found migraines and the general weakness of the body.
In case of experience any discomfort, even of other type than mentioned above, consult your doctor and inform the service FDA at (1 800) FDA1088.

The average patient: adult man, disease: Hepatitis C. Dosage: 60 mg daily for one reception for 3 months (12 weeks).

Additional Information:

  • little use of this drug was studied among people who suffer from cirrhosis; standard term of application shows small improvements;
  • all the information is to be verified.

Application: + sofosbuvir; goal: chronic HCV virus of the third type cure.

Interaction with other drugs
In the case of starting or stopping treatment, it is important to get a recommendation from a physician about taking any other related assets.
There are both positive and negative effects of action of the drug formulae. This applies to vitamins and herbal infusions too. In the list of possible combinations, not all of them are listed so if you cannot find your option, consult with a specialist.
Always make sure that the pills were not available for children, and strictly follow a place where you store pills, do not share them with anyone, even if your diagnoses are similar, and follow the instructions.

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