More than 150 million people worldwide suffer from hepatitis C. Each year more than 350 thousand of them die of liver disease associated with the development of hepatitis. Treatment of hepatitis C is one of the main objectives and problems of medicine. Unfortunately, not everyone related to the problem is responsible enough, although in this area with the introduction of the drug Sovaldi and sofosbuvir generics there was a real revolution. For a long time, before this legendary drug appeared, HCV treatment was carried out with a help of the old methods, 'interferon therapy' (a combination of pegylated interferon alpha and ribavirin), a long-term (from six months to a year), costly, not always helping the patient (efficiency 50-80%), but what is the most important - with severe side effects that occur in all patients. Innovative new generation drugs have fundamentally different characteristics - their efficiency reaches 95%, the treatment lasts from three to six months. Moreover, they are available in tablets, but not in the form of injections, which is more convenient for the patient. Sofosbuvir tablets - truly unique and effective drug, but nevertheless sofosbuvir price is too high. On the territory of the European countries, sofosbuvir costs slightly cheaper, but still you can not name sofosbuvir 400 mg bottle an affordable medication. In England, patients pay for the course of treatment which includes the intake of sofosbuvir tablets 400 mg - $ 57 thousand, and in Germany - $ 66 thousand. You should know that sofosbuvir costs in india much cheaper then anywhere. Gilead (the producer of brand sovaldi) conducted a voluntary licensing of generic sofosbuvir (sovaldi), at the same time sofosbuvir price in India differs so much from the others that it made Indian market of generics even more popular. Before you plan to buy sofosbuvir online don't forget to consult your attending doctor as only he has a right to decide what treatment should be prescribed to you personally. Hepatitis C is classified by various genotypes. There are six of them. The scheme of treatment , duration and reaction to Sovaldi are calculated individually as it depends on viral genotype and is related with baseline factors. Sovaldi usually is not prescribed as monotherapy, it is almost always taken in combination with other drugs like rebetol / copegus / ribasphere / ribatab (ribavirin is the active ingredient) or daklinza (daclatasvir – main component), or pegasys / pegintron (peginterferon alfa - principal ingredient). The type and dose of drugs included into patient's therapy depends on many individual factors: genotype, weight, stage of the disease, individual tolerance of the drug, the condition of other systems / organs, disease chronicity etc. Sofosbuvir effectiveness has been established in patients with hepatitis C genotype 1,2,3 and 4, including patients with hepatocellular carcinoma who were expecting a liver transplant, and patients with a combination of infections such as viral hepatitis C / HIV-1.
Chronic course of virus is determined by its ability to replicate RNA enzyme in hepatocytes (liver cells). Sofosbuvir blocks the enzyme RNA polymerase which facilitates the proliferation of the virus. Regardless of your genotype and treatment duration, you'll know if you're cured within 3 months after the last treatment, when your doctor will take a blood tests for hepatitis C viral load. If you are cured the hepatitis C virus can't be found in your blood during tests, 3 months after the completion of treatment. However Sovaldi is one of the most expensive drugs in the history of medicine: the price of one pill on the US pharma market starts from 1 000 US dollars. This makes the drug unavailable for tens of millions of patients. On our site the cost of sofosbuvir tablet from indian manufacturers is only $35.71. The producers we deal with have received from Gilead Sciences experts the detailed description of the production technology, in order to make the quality of generic drug the same as the quality of a brand. So do not hesitate to order generics from India, the quality is guaranteed, you can check that by visiting the official web sites of any Indian producer we cooperate with. Please send us your feedbacks to customers support, we will appreciate it as we are glad to bring you a chance to live a new healthy life.

Generic Rebetol

Ribavirin in capsule form

What is the essence of this drug?
This drug is one of anti-inflammatory medications. Most often, it is used in conjunction with Sofosbuvir for better results in the treatment of such diseases as Hepatitis C. Please note: despite the fact that the drug is an antiviral, it will not work for diseases such as colds or flu. »



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Generic Daklinza

Daclatasvir tablet
What does this medication do?
A main purpose of admission of this item is the HCV prevention, which is also referred to as hepatitis C.
There is, among others, the disease type 3, which is to be treated by this medication. Using this tablet is recommended for adult patients who have problems with liver health, including cirrhosis. Also, this drug can be admitted separately or combined with other tablets (sofosbuvir). »



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